Finally finished up the EWL conversion to Textblock2. A lot of it works better, there are still segv’s in there that need to be worked out and an issue with the cursor. But hopefully now that it’s in CVS instead of a gigantic patch it’ll all go better.

Nathan and I have been doing a lot of cleanup of the EWL code lately. Changing APIs, fixing old widgets, creating tests. All that stuff thats helping with the stability. Add in a bit of theme cleanup (after moving to the e17 theme) and EWL has been trucking along nicely.

We’ve got some big changes in store for the tree code which should nicely cleanup both the code using it and the way it displays on the screen (we don’t try to fix the current one too much as it’s being replaced). Hopefully we can get more of our theme updated to match DR17 (thats the problem with writing the theme before the DR17 components existed, heh).