So, I’ve been playing Lost Odyssey on and off for a few weeks. The game is pretty good. There are technical glitches in it but nothing like Mass Effect where they just stopped me from playing.

But, and this is a big but, it breaks a few of the cardinal rules about RPG games. These make it quite hard to keep playing.

Rule #1 I shouldn’t have to watch an hour of cut scenes. Before you ask, a cut scene, then a 2 minute interlude where you play but you can only do specific actions that advance the cut scene into the next cut scene all qualifies as one big cut scene. I played for a hour and a half yesterday but I think I put in 20 minutes of actual play time.

Rule #2 Don’t put in stupid little mini quests that have no real benefit for the overall story but pad out the game length. Case in point, during that 20 minutes I played yesterday about 15 of that was doing two stupid little mini quests. The sad thing is, the quests were almost identical. Go pick 10 flowers, ok, now go pick up 10 pieces of wood. Ok, now stand and move your torch like these other guys 5 times.

Those are the two big rules that it’s broken so far. Interestingly, they aren’t the cause of my Lost Odyssey anger. No, that stems from me fighting the boss in the Crimson Forest. First time I get there the game crashes, disk read error. I hadn’t hit the save point yet so I redo the last 30 minutes. Second time I go in and fight the boss, it’s going well, I get to the half way point and setup my attacks then, after my attacks are set and I can’t stop them, it gives a crucial piece of information. My attacks proceed and Game Over. Ok, 3rd time I get there, just as I’m about to get to the crucial point the game glitches and zooms out forever. Apparently other people have had this same issue. Ok, 4th time I’m fighting the boss, just as I get to the crucial point the game throws up a Loading screen and sits there for (well, I gave it 20 minutes). At this point I threw in the towel and played Ridge Racer.

So, while I really, really want to like this game, it’s making it quite hard not to Frisbee the 4 disks off the balcony.