So, I saw two movies today. Yea, I know, that’s a lot, but the benefit being the movie theater is nicely air conditioned and we don’t currently wish to install ours.

The two movies, well, one was, as the title says good, the other bad. What were they? Pirates of the Caribbean and Superman Returns. Which was good and which bad? That’s coming up.

First, Pirates. I saw this one at a matinee with Stacy. There were actually quite a few people in the theater. I was a little suprised by this, the movie having been out for a while. But then, maybe they were all trying to escape the heat.

What’s that you ask? The verdict? Well, this was the bad. It was just too long and spent way too much time trying to be Pirates 1. They tried to go for the same shtick as the first one, and missed. Which makes it pretty harsh when that’s what you’ve set your premise on. I just thought the dialog was lacking and the fight scenes. Well, those were pretty bad as well. The whole three way sword fight and rolling of water wheels just seemed too forced. It was way too choreographed. Just didn’t cut it for me.

The second movie, well I thought Superman was bloody good. It just seemed to all flow together. The main complaint I had about this one, the theater was too damn cold. Other then that, I liked it.

Even the cheesy cape in space thing, I barely noticed during the movie. I didn’t notice the two and a half hours going by at all. I’m not really a movie reviewer so that’s all I got for one.

The one thing I can say, coming out of Superman is more of a self evaluation, a, what can I do to make this a better place. What could I be doing. What’s it cost for flight lessons?