Spent the weekend in Elora at a wedding for some friends. Stacy was actually the bestman for the wedding.

We went over on Friday afternoon, wandered around town a bit and then helped to decorate the hall (which was used for both the wedding and the reception.) Was fun to get everything setup and arranged and it looked quite nice once we were all done (at least I think so). Hit the pub after that, which is always good times.

Saturday was the actual wedding, but it didn’t start until 1500. Stacy had to go and get her hair done starting at 1030 so I had the whole day to wander around town, take some pictures and read the paper. I spent a bit of time talking to the owner of Canadian Casual Kilts about everything from kilts to concerts. He’s a really nice guy, and has some kilt options that seem fairly reasonably priced (at least, to someone that hasn’t done any shopping around, heh). I haven’t decided if I want to get a kilt yet or not. I guess spending the day in one on the 26th will tell me if I’m confortable enought or not.

Anyway, after wandering around I spent some time making sure everything was ready in the hall had a pint, went back to the hall and turned the lights on, ended up getting another pint after meeting some friends and was feeling good (as I hadn’t eaten since 0900) for the wedding start at 1500. Wedding was good and seemed to run smoothly, the wedding party took off and we hit the pub again (although this time I was smart and only got a coke. Try as I might they just wouldn’t bring me any bread. I waited 40 minutes before having to leave and nada.)

We got the hall all setup, figured out a few details that jumped out at us and I think the evening went smashingly.

Sunday was a day of feeling hungover (poor, poor Stacy, heh) and eating little sandwitches.

I got a lot of pictures (220 I think was the final count) I need to get my photo gallery up so I can show people. I’ve put some up temporarily if Austin and Lori wanted any of them and so I could print them at Blacks but the rest of you will have to wait.