Saw a couple of concerts this weekend. The first was a free David Usher concert at Nathan Phillips Square. Pretty small turnout, 100 maybe 150 people. Probably driven away by the rain. Concert itself was pretty good. He played a lot of new stuff that their currently recording in studio.

The second was the Tool concert down at Molson Amphitheater. Adam ended up with a spare ticket that he gave me. Tool was phenominal. They sounded amazing, the lights and stage looked fucking cool.

There must have been 16,000 people there. The place was packed. It started to rain about 2 minutes before Tool took the stage. Rained for about an hour, got fairly hard near then end. Then stopped for about 30 minutes. Started to rain when they came back on for the encore. By the end I was soaked, that and I managed to stumble into a gigantic puddle leaving the venue.

While trying to entice the band on the stage for the encore there must have been 5-10 thousand lighters going. Definately an impressive sight to see.

I think the most amusing part is, they made me gate check my pocket watch. I made sure I left my knife at home, but who whould’a thunk it, a fucking pocket watch. Apparently the chain is considered a risk or something.