I finally got around to updating my iPod again last night. I don’t think I’ve changed the music on there since I bought it. So it’s been a while. In the intervening time I’ve bought a bunch of new albums and only listened to then occasionally on my stereo. They just didn’t get enough play to make them memorable.

With this update, and about three hours of work renaming, fixing and organizing in iTunes, I’ve got pretty much all new albums on my iPod.

It’s strange. I’ve had these discs for months but haven’t really listened to them. Now that I do, their amazing. It’s a relative cornicopia of new music. Not all of it is new music, some is old stuff that I decided to pickup as I’d heard good things.

So, here’s to Alice in Chains, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Kraftwerk, Amon Tobin, The All American Rejects, Arcade Fire, Over the Rhine and all the other new discs that are on there. Here’s to hours of new music.