It’s been a while since the last time I wrote in this thing. Lots of stuff going on. Took at trip to Quebec City at the start of August (was on vacation for 2 weeks which was real nice, heh). The trip was good, didn’t do any of the tours or that crap, just wandered around the city for a few days, took in some restaurants and some street performers. Got a bit of tail, beaver tail that is. We took the train there and back. The trip there wasn’t too back, 7am - 3pm, the trip back on the otherhand was an overnight job so we left Quebec City at 5pm had a 3 hr layover in Montreal then got back to Toronto at 8am the next day. Bloody long time, heh. But, the train ride did give me time to start and finish the last Harry Potter book, which wasn’t bad, and to read the first compiled Sin City novel, which was excellent.

After that it’s been back to work and trying to get caught up. Managed to read the second compiled Sin City book in there, which was also really good. I’m going through Freakenomics at the moment. It has some really interesting facts and just it’s general content is quite compelling to read.

I got the selection code committed to EWL, there are still issues with the way it selects but it seems to be working. I also managed to get a couple little fixes in there so it should feel better when your clicking around on the entry for where it decides to place your cursor. I want to make a few more API changes to get it all nice and pretty but then it will probably be on hold till after textblock2 comes of age. I’ll be fixing bugs and little issues, but the main issues will need tb2 and hopefully it’s better abilities to tell me where the hell I am. There seems to be a ton of stuff to do in EWL, but finding the time to do it is a bitch and with only two people working on it, it makes it even more difficult.

Been playing a bit of World of Warcraft. Not near when I first started, but its fun to go and drop 3-4 hrs on it just wandering around killing shit, heh. To counter act that, I broke down and got a gym membership again. We’ll see how that goes this time….. (although I must admit, I went and used the bike for 35 minutes (20km) last night and then the ski machine for another 18 minutes (2.4km) and it felt pretty good. And, hell, the machines have tvs with headphone jacks built in so you can watch whatever is on basic cable while you use them, heh.