Well, I’m in Amsterdam. The flight went pretty well. I managed to catch about one hour, maybe hour and a half of sleep. Hm, although I moved ahead six hours in time, does that mean I actually got 7 hours sleep? For some reason I don’t think my brain believes that.

Managed to push through the rest of The Cluetrain Manfiesto while on the flight. It’s got a lot of interesting points in it. Lots of interesting, and given the way the internet has been going, accurate thoughts on how business should be run in the connected age.

Got to the hotel at about 7am (local time) to find out I wouldn’t be able to check in until, at the earliest, 10am.

After thinking about it, and checking my email and some online maps, I decided to go wander around Amsterdam carry my 30-40 pounds of crap on my back and shoulder. This laptop is a fucking killer.

Took the shuttle back to the airport and caught the train into town, after discovering that neither my bank card nor Mastercard work in the ticket terminals. I didn’t realize how quite the trains are. I think of them like the TTC which I usually find loud. The trains where quite and smooth. Definately a nice way to travel.

I was suprised at just how quite it was wandering around town. Maybe it’s because it was about 9am on a Saturday but I’d very infrequently see cars and it was impressively quiet.

It’s always fun wandering around old cities. After coming from Toronto and other cities in Canada we don’t have as much of the old architecture and heritage that these builds have. Just the little touches, carvings, sculptures and little gargoyls.

Wandered into a little farmers market at some point by De Waag. Picked up a fantastic miniture loaf of bread, about a third the size of a full loaf, and some amazing cheeze. Sat in a little park and watched the people as I ate. The bread was some kind of whole wheat but had a touch of, almost, peanut butter to it. Quite possibly the best bread I’ve had.

Anyway, currently back at the hotel recuperating. Trying to decide what I want to do tomorrow and Monday.