Well, I finished up my last too presentations (one in Toronto and one in Montreal) earlier this week and I’m now on vacation. I had a hell of a time getting back from Montreal. Got a call from my boss at about 4pm telling me my 6pm flight had been canceled. Ok, fine, I was already on my way to the airport (I had actually fell asleep in the taxi as we drove to the airport, heh). I get there and manage to get on an earlier 5.30 flight. Which was then delayed till 6.15, then 6.30 then 6.45. We took off around 6.45 flew to Toronto and ended up burning about 30 minutes in the air waiting to land.

After landing the airport was under ‘Red Alert’ which means they can’t allow any ground crew on the tarmac because of lightening (you know, large metallic airplanes, lightening, tiny people, understandable). So we sit there and get told it’ll be 30 minutes, then get told it’ll be 30 minutes, then get told we can’t be told how long it will be as they don’t know. Then get told it’ll be 30 minutes, etc. After about 2.5 hrs we managed to get to the terminal and unloaded. So, my 1.5 hr flight ended up involving sitting on an airplane for about 4 hrs.

Was a long time, but I didn’t really care as I just sat there and read my book. Was a bit hard on the knees, cramped into the tiny seats, but I’ll survive.

Anyway, I’m back in Toronto now. With my presentations done I can back up my laptop and get Solaris 10 6/06 installed and start playing around with ZFS again, should be fun.

Not quite sure what I’m going to do on my vacation at this point (I’m off for five days). Probably heading up to Owen Sound on Saturday to visit some friends and quite possibly to Brampton on Friday to visit Stacys father and brother. Might try to fit in some Ewl programming, if I can get back into the grove. Don’t really feel like playing warcraft at the moment. I booted it up, walked about 50 paces, turned around, walked back and logged off, heh. (I am in the processing of installing it in the Powerbook, just in case, heh).

Maybe I’ll wander over to chapters to read for a while (although as I’m typing this it’s just started to piss down rain and I can hear thunder in the background) so, maybe not.