I’ve been playing with Solaris a bunch lately. I’ve got Solaris Express Build 26 installed on my laptop (for some reason build 27 won’t boot) and I’m in the process of grabbing the OpenSolaris source from the genunix subversion repo and hopefully (I’ve already bitch this once) BFUing the stuff I build onto there.

I’ve also managed to shoehorn build 27 onto my AMD64 box that I use as a server. Man did I learn a lot I didn’t know about Solaris in that exercise (and used a floppy disk for probably the first time in 5 years). After a lot of fighting, figuring out how to use a floppy in Solaris (which involved a detour into svcadm), getting my network drivers correct (note, if you have a marvell gigabit ethernet you’ll need to go and download the drivers from the website as the bundled SK98sol drivers won’t work. You’ll also need to remove the SK98sol drivers, install the new ones, do a update_drv -a -i “pcixxxx,xxx” skge and reboot. It was the reboot that caught me up for quite a while). I’ve now got a 530gb zfs pool running on the box. I’ve got 2 more hard drives to put in (which would take it to 930gb) but I don’t think my SATA controller is support so they probably won’t work correctly. Not sure how to get around that at the moment.

But I must say, zfs is pretty sweet. It took me all of (after screwing around and formatting a drive when I didn’t have to) 30 minutes to get the 4 drives into a pool, create file systems in the pool and nfs share those file systems.