T’was a good weekend. Went on a tour up to Owen Sound on Friday with Hodkinson. Proceeded to hang out with my parents for the rest of the evening.

Saturday we went over to Deacons house to setup for his 30th birthday. Got his house all cleaned up, food cooked, booze (partially consumed). Was well planned and executed (cudos to Hodkinson, Capel and Anderson for getting all the balls rolling in the right direction) and hey, how can you go wrong with a giant sign reading ‘Never trust anyone over 30’.

Oh, and I almost forgot, the tasty, tasty cake that Deacons parents brought over for us. If you didn’t catch it, it was damn tasty.

Deacon seemed nicely suprised by everything. We then proceeded to eat lots of good food and drink way too much alcohol. At about the point we ran out of beer we caught a ride into town and hit a few bars.

All in all, a good time. I decided to walk home from the bar, I guess my drunken mind didn’t quite realize it was as far as it was (it’s apparently like 20km or something). Took me around 2-2.5 hrs to get all the way home. Man was my hip sore when I walked around on Sunday. Had a couple of interesting moments during the walk with people slamming on the breaks and backing up, luckly they were just asking if everything was cool or I wanted a ride. Still, kinda freaky to see a truck go wizzing past you at 30km an hour in reverse hit the breaks again and come at you a second time. (Not to mention the fact that his headlights render you totally blind.)

Luckly I managed to escape without a hangover. I’ll attribute that to the massive walk and some 2am pizza. Can’t beat 2am pizza.

So, all in all a really good weekend. This summer has been busy but its also been a lot of fun.