Before the showing of Batman was a preview for Watchmen. Sweet monkeys petunia it looks awesome. This, of course, prompted me to re-read my copy of the Watchmen. Which, in turn, has been more difficult then you’d think.

It seems that at some point in the past, I loaned my copy of Watchmen to someone. I have no idea who. I have no idea how to get it back. Obvious solution, buy a new copy. (If you, gentle reader, are in possession of said copy, merry birthday, jerk.)

Anyway, it seems I’m not the only person attempting to procure the Watchmen now that the trailer has been released. While downtown enjoying the magic meat kingdom of Korean Bar-B-Que Stacy and I wandered over to the Silver Snail. Sadly, closed. Bugger.

Ok, no problem, Chapters carries comics, up to the Eaton Center. Sadly, sold out. Bugger. Ok, no problem, The Worlds Biggest Bookstore is just two blocks north. Sadly, sold out. Bugger. That’s ok, I have to come downtown tomorrow anyway.

Next day, downtown, ok, Harry Tarantula, gaming and comic shop. Sadly, sold out. Bugger. Fine, back to the Snail. Sadly, sold out. Bugger. (At this point I realize I’ve walked past Grey Region, another comic shop, twice and didn’t think to stop in.)

In desperation, Pages an independent bookstore. Ah, finally, one copy remaining. Watchmen I’m watching you.

On the plus side, I also got a copy of Wanted which is the comic the new movie is based on but in the comic everyone is evil. How can you go wrong?

As an amusing aside, I think I went to more places trying to buy the Watchmen then Stacy and I did buying a car. Stacy thinks I have a problem.