I’ve been playing wow for a while now and there are a few things that really piss me off, and they don’t have to do with the game. They have to do with the people that play the game.

I really, really, don’t understand the enjoyment people gain from killing a character that is so far below them one shot and their dead. There is no challenge. There is no way I could possible fight back.

But, not just that, waiting around and killing them again, and again as they respawn. Or, hiding your character somewhere so they can’t see you, wait thirty seconds and kill them again. I really don’t get it. How is that enjoyable? Are you so bloody pathetic that this is fun for you? Does it make you feel skeaky and all powerful? I’ve got news for you, it’s just pathetic and sad really.

About all it really does is drive people that want to play away. If it’s impossible to complete my quest then what good is the game?

Oh, and before you say, well don’t play on a PvP server if you don’t want to PvP. I’ve got no problems with PvP and actually find it kind of fun sometimes. The difference being, I’m attacking/defending people who are usually my level +-4. There is at least a bit of challenge in there. When it takes more then one shot to kill the other character.

In conclusion, people suck.