I’ve been lax again. Fallen by the wayside. In dereliction of my duties. Failed. Flopped. Flunked. Or, depending on how you look at it, I just haven’t posted in a while.

I ended up spending about five weeks in Seattle doing some work stuff. Flew back to Ontario for a few of those weekends which makes it a bit tiring in the long run. Was an interesting trip. Seattle is definitely a good town, I can see why Stacy liked it so much when she was there last summer. It’s very different to go to bars down there were 90% of the beer on tap is a local microbrew. Spent a lot of time sampling the different beers from around the area. I was a big fan of the Roslyn and the Old Seattle.

On most other fronts I haven’t done too much. Been playing video games, I’ve suddenly got a back log with Turok (thanks Owen), Lost Odyssesy (thanks Stacy) and Rockband (thanks me) all on board at the moment. A backlog of older games I’m still playing as well. Doing another run through of Assassins Creed for some of the achievements I missed the first time ‘round.

Rockband has proven to be a lot of fun. Stacy and I are playing through with me on drums and her signing. She cheated while I was in Seattle and played through easy as the singer, you know, to rub it in my face that she’s better then me. I’m just waiting for the day she starts doing karaoke.

We’ve made it up to season 6 of Buffy which we’ll hopefully start watching tonight. Season 5 wasn’t too bad, it was starting to drag a bit by the end and man the bad chick was a bad actor.

Other then that, well we’ll see how long it takes me to write the next post.