Well I’ve been lax in my updating again. I’ve got a good excuse. I’ve been busy. Bloody busy.

Lets see, where to begin. Stacy and I bought a condo the other weekend. We’ll finalize everything on the 23rd of November. (That’s when we get possession.) This should give us about a week to do any painting before we move on the 30th. We’re still in the process of getting movers, neither one of us wants to have to move all our crap ourselves. It’s going to be a hectic few weeks getting everything packed and arranged.

Hm, I guess next up is work. I’d been offered a job at another company, which I subsequently turned down. Was a bit of a shit storm at work. Everything is good now. I’ve moved more to focus on migration tools which is what I want to do. A lot of my other projects, as much as possible, have been transitioned off to other people. It’s nice to drop the baggage every now and then. So that’s good. Work’s actually at the point where I sit down, start working and, what feels like 30 seconds later, it’s time to go home.

I’ve finally taken my Amsterdam pictures off my camera. (You’re seeing one of theme in the post icon.) They turned out pretty well. A bunch are blurry. I really, really, need a camera with auto-stabilization, or something. All in all, I like em. As usual, if I ever get a gallery setup…

Movies, movies, I think I’ve seen two since I last posted. Borat and Flags of our Fathers. Both were really good movies. I wasn’t expecting much from Borat, I haven’t seen the show it’s based on but, I laughed, then I quoted a bit. The guys I went with all grew Borat style mustaches. I think the best part of the evening is when the bar tender (we went for drinks afterwards) asked one of the guys ‘Are you in a mustache club?’.

Lets see, thats the condo, the job, movies. Ah, right. Been poking at EWL again, as usual. Did a bunch of work on the Ewl_Text widget to hopefully make it faster. Ended up simplifying the code in a few places which is nice. Should also make it easier for RbdPngn to integrate his skiplist work once it’s complete.

I picked up Ratchet: Deadlocked about a year ago. Didn’t really play it then (according to the save file, 1.5hrs). Popped it in the other day and have been pleasantly surprised. It’s quite fun to run around and blow shit up with ridiculously sized weapons. 11 days to the Wii.

That’s it for now, I’ve got to get some sleep. I’ll try to post more regular like in the future. I swear.